Refining and Reforming: revisited.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is arguably the most miraculous event in the Christian faith. The resurrection of this blog is definitively not.
I began a blog over 5 years ago, throughout which I posted twelve times. My last post was in 2012. This blog was dead.
But now, it is alive.
Since this is a re-birth, I’ll summarize that the purpose of this blog is to provoke thought, give opinion, and hopefully stimulate more affection for God. I started this blog from the recommendation of my beautiful, wonderful, encouraging wife, Lauren. We now have a wonderful 8 month-old son, Elliott. Now, that seminary is over, it’s time to get back to it.
So if you are reading this, I want to say thanks for checking out my blog. I hope that you will feel that your time is not wasted.
My deepest prayer is that this blog would glorify a gracious Triune God, who created us, redeems us, welcomes us into His family, through His atoning life, death, and resurrection, sealing and empowering believers to grow in greater holiness through the indwelling of His Holy Spirit…an unfathomable being, but intimately known and loved by his adopted children; The Father, Son, and Holy ghost.

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